Whether you are looking to buy a new home or are worried radon levels might be high in your home, trust Brick and Mortar Home Inspections with reliable, trustworthy radon testing. Our certified experts are available to assist you with radon testing to alert you if there are any issues that would be worth looking into. Homes, both old and new, can have issues with radon and the only fix is to have it professionally tested. We offer accurate testing and transparent results information.

Radon is an invisible, odorless radioactive gas that naturally occurs in soil.

It becomes a problem when high concentrations of it seep through cracks and openings in basements, crawl spaces and concrete slabs. Your home could be acting as a holding container for the naturally occurring substance, preventing it from being released into the air naturally. Radon levels in Colorado are higher than other places in the country, but not to worry – once high levels are detected, the problem can be dealt with by contacting a local radon mitigation company.

Brick and Mortar Home Inspections may make suggestions on what can be done to reduce the dangerous radon levels, though, it is important to note that radon is naturally occurring substance and certain levels are considered normal. Our nearly 20 years in the industry has given us a keen attention to detail allowing you to enjoy complete confidence in our services and results. Keep you and yours safe by contacting our team to schedule your radon testing appointment now.

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