At Brick and Mortar Home Inspections, we are proud to provide indoor and outdoor thermal inspections. Our thermal camera inspections detect where heated air can escape and provide an assessment of work that may need to be done without any structural damage to the building. Using our thermal camera, we are able to create 2-dimensional thermal pictures that show heat leakage.

With an eye for the details, our team of expert technicians identifies where air could be leaving through the walls, roof and windows, making the home less efficient. Our services are available to homeowners and buyers and sellers alike.

Once we have completed testing, we provide suggestions on how to reduce energy loss, which could save you money in the end.

Our technology provides us the opportunity to identify the condition of the roof and basement and highlight any safety concerns, as well as pinpoint any major deficiencies. We suggest homeowners look into enlisting our services if they are thinking about putting their home on the market. Furthermore, if you are buying a home and wanting to know what future work may need to be done, thermal imaging is the perfect, stress-free route to take.

Contact us now to schedule a thermal, infrared imaging test and inspection.

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