As a busy real estate agent, you have a lot to juggle. And who wants to spend 30 minutes trying to find the “Lake View” panel that turns out, your colleague borrowed?

Brick & Mortar Home Inspections in Colorado Springs offers high-quality, affordable real estate yardarm post installations. Our specially designed ground stakes prevent posts from leaning, and our clean, bright posts are eye-catching!

Brick and Mortar Home Inspections offers:

  • Complete online ordering. You can order your real estate sign installation using a simple pictorial representation of the sign arrangement you want. You can add in sign panels or riders with content, size, and color as options. You can specify to the sign installer which panels you want and how to arrange it. With easy online ordering, you can choose Choose the installation date, quantity (double signage), or add notes.
  • Map properties and sign installations. You can see the status of all of your signs, from which sign is installed where, even to which signs are scheduled for installation or removal. Track your past sign installations and update your billing information in needed.
  • Email notifications SignTraker sends you automatic confirmations every time one of your signs is moved. It’ll tell you when a sign is installed, when it’s removed, or even if the sign installation is stalled by a winter squall.
  • Trackage of panels and riders. No more forgetting who borrowed which panel, or losing those small sign riders. Signtracker will track both sign panels and riders, tell you what is available, and where they are.
  • Order new signs. Run out of signs because of the busy summer real estate season? No problem. With Signtraker, you can order custom signs

Brick & Mortar Home Inspections aims to help our clients communicate their image and identity with the highest quality product available with the best service. We offer home inspections on both existing homes and on new construction homes. We offer pre-listing home inspection services as well as pre-purchase home inspection services. If you’re in the Colorado Springs area and are in need of home inspection services or sign removal and sign installation services, contact us today!

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