If you own a private well or use water from one, getting your water tested regularly is essential. While some bacteria in natural water sources are normal, and in fact healthy, too much or the wrong types of bacteria can become dangerous.

Most private water sources provide a clean and safe water supply, but because most contaminants aren’t visible and are odor and tasteless, they can often sneak into the water supply unseen. High levels of fluoride, copper, iron, manganese and zinc can cause serious health issues in people of any age.

Our team, with nearly two decades of experience, is experienced in water testing, detecting the presence of any harmful bacteria.

We work to get your results as quickly as possible and alert you to any potential risks. Our services include a prompt, reliable and comprehensive analysis of your water supply.

Drinking water in the United States is among the cleanest in the world, but that doesn’t mean our water supply is completely safe from contaminants caused by runoff, flooding or erosion.

Ensure that harmful bacteria hasn’t made its way into the water supply and keep your family safe. Call us today.